January 21, 2007

… the (jewish) year of Avraham Avinu’s birth.

… the (secular) year of Israel’s independence.

… the number of hits on this site’s counter this morning.

Naima, age 9, Rockland County NY

January 20, 2007


A proud friend of Israel…

January 18, 2007


Are you in love with the Holy Land? Let us know and we’ll link to you.

let me count the ways…

January 14, 2007

shalom, shavua tov friends.

more stuff coming this week, G-d willing.  if you read an article on a website or blog that is pro-israel, please send the link our way.  if it fits, we’ll post the link with a credit (and link) to the contributor.


We Still Love Israel…

December 5, 2006

… we just haven’t had much time to show our love here lately.  Please be patient, more new stuff soon.  Also, please keep sending in your expressions.  If you have access to / contact with groups of children or young adults, consider doing a “We Love Israel” project with them, and send us the results.  If you’d like help arranging something along these lines, please drop us a line.

Rebecca, 9, New York

November 8, 2006


דליה, 7

November 5, 2006


Ariella Tziporah, 8

October 30, 2006


Mia, 6

October 26, 2006


Shalva, 7

October 21, 2006


Lily, 6

October 21, 2006


Arielle, 7.5

October 21, 2006


Standing Up For Her

October 4, 2006

Sometimes love isn’t about flowers, hearts and all things wonderful. It’s about standing up for your loved one, no matter how ugly things get. The people at Honest Reporting do a great job of that, is this short video.

Leeyah, 9

September 29, 2006


Abigail, 7

September 29, 2006