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January 21, 2007

… the (jewish) year of Avraham Avinu’s birth.

… the (secular) year of Israel’s independence.

… the number of hits on this site’s counter this morning.


let me count the ways…

January 14, 2007

shalom, shavua tov friends.

more stuff coming this week, G-d willing.  if you read an article on a website or blog that is pro-israel, please send the link our way.  if it fits, we’ll post the link with a credit (and link) to the contributor.


We Still Love Israel…

December 5, 2006

… we just haven’t had much time to show our love here lately.  Please be patient, more new stuff soon.  Also, please keep sending in your expressions.  If you have access to / contact with groups of children or young adults, consider doing a “We Love Israel” project with them, and send us the results.  If you’d like help arranging something along these lines, please drop us a line.

savlanut, please

August 22, 2006

we are reformatting the site so it will load even faster.  in the meantime, we appreciate your patience.

nite nite.

Attn: Daycamp Staffers

August 13, 2006

We kindly request from those who are staff in daycamps, especially arts and crafts counselors, to please encourage and enable the campers you works with to produce notes and drawings to submit here.

Anyone who has something to submit but cannot do so by email (for lack of scanner or whatnot) please contact us by email for alternative arrangements.


About Us, and You.

August 7, 2006



In this time of crisis in the Land of Our Love, we would like to create a forum for visibly and visually expressing our support, longing, pride…and simple love of this one-on-a-planet country called Israel.

We beseach you, the reader, to send us messages of your support for Israel, stories of your love for her and her people – for us to post here publically.

Most of all, we urge you to wax artistic and poetic. Have your family, your children in particular, join you in putting your feelings for Israel into drawings, paintings and poems to be proudly displayed in this space, and email them to us for display on this site. You may also submit relevant photography.
Many of us are limited in our ability to do for Israel – we can’t fight for her in the battlefields, and we may not be able to make large financial commitments (but please, still, do what you can) yet we want to express our feelings of support and commitment.

And now we can. And now we must. And here and now we will.

E-mail: LoveOfIsrael @