About Us, and You.



In this time of crisis in the Land of Our Love, we would like to create a forum for visibly and visually expressing our support, longing, pride…and simple love of this one-on-a-planet country called Israel.

We beseach you, the reader, to send us messages of your support for Israel, stories of your love for her and her people – for us to post here publically.

Most of all, we urge you to wax artistic and poetic. Have your family, your children in particular, join you in putting your feelings for Israel into drawings, paintings and poems to be proudly displayed in this space, and email them to us for display on this site. You may also submit relevant photography.
Many of us are limited in our ability to do for Israel – we can’t fight for her in the battlefields, and we may not be able to make large financial commitments (but please, still, do what you can) yet we want to express our feelings of support and commitment.

And now we can. And now we must. And here and now we will.

E-mail: LoveOfIsrael @ gmail.com


4 Responses to “About Us, and You.”

  1. Baleboosteh Says:

    What a wonderful, positive, idea for a blog! I love the pictures you already have and have added you to my blog roll so I can check back regularly. Its nice to see the pictures and letters from the children. Great work!

  2. weloveisrael Says:

    Hey! Positive feedback! Thanks much. Now, can you get the kids in your neighborhood to do up a few pictures ‘n stuff?

    And if you don’t mind – i’ve added you to the blogroll here.

  3. Baleboosteh Says:

    Thanks! I’ll get my daughter to do a picture for your blog if thats ok.

  4. weloveisrael Says:

    That would be great! Maybe she and siblings / friends can make an activity out of it. Also, a blogging question – how did you know i responded?

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